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Self Discovery. Transformation.

Blending practical neuroscience with the energetic field for your physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual wellness.
Sense of calm, hope & optimism
Find greater meaning in life
Increased self awareness
Permanent, lasting positive shifts
Deeper states of conciousness

A holistic approach to your health

Three Waves Wellness practices Integral Energetics, a healing and well-being modality that creates permanent, positive shifts in peace of mind, mental balance, life satisfaction & happiness.


Integral Energetics embraces the constitution of the human being across the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual domains. It is as steeped in modern science and neurobiology as it is embedded with the Mystery traditions. 


Working with consciousness, the energetic field, and the neural and nervous systems, Integral Energetics is able produce effects in the physiology for health and wellness. It also improves performance, cognition, mental and emotional well-being.

The universe exists solely of waves of motion. There exists nothing other than vibration.

- Walter Russell


Jason McDonald

Energetic Therapist

Jason is a fully qualified Integral Energetics therapist. His own ongoing journey (15yrs and counting) of conscious expansion, informs the empathy, grace and intuition he brings to his work. Jason is a strong believer in holding space and supporting people to help them reach their own fullest potential, through themselves.

He invites you to wander onto a path of self-discovery and transformation.


"Working with Jase has helped me gain clarity around events in my past that I have not been able to move through. The process of beginning to digest some of these events has given me a sense of space in my life now, and has helped me become more intentional in the way that I choose to go forth into my future. Ultimately this has had a profound affect on my anxiety levels and has helped me develop a deeper sense of trust in myself." 


(in person sessions)

Helping people achieve greater self-awareness and conciously awaken the relationship between the body, mind, heart & spirit


Curious about the work and how it could help you? Ask a question.

Sessions & Fees



Located in Park Orchards, Melbourne.

Close to Warrandyte, Eltham, Ringwood, Croydon, Templestowe and only 25 minutes from the inner city suburbs of Melbourne.

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