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Sacred Art & Symbols


Meditative Symbols

Inspired by the synthesis of a 20+ year career as a Graphic Designer/Creative Director and more recently as an Energetic Therapist and Intuitive, I also create original, meditative and energetic symbols (sigils) to assist people with Integration, Energetic Attunements and alignment to their greatest self.

Drawn from higher dimensional fields of awareness, these evocative forms capture sophisticated and intelligent energies of the field and present them in an abstract but tangible manner. By tuning into a particular person, theme or simply acting as a conduit to source, they act as keys or frequencies that work through the wisdom of your heart, unlocking and awakening you to the reality of who you truly are.


Enquire now

Unique healing symbol, channeled specifically for the individual. A recent photo is required. 


Short consultation to explore how your symbol will best serve you (optional)

• High resolution file of your symbol

Phone wallpaper with symbol

Computer wallpaper with symbol

Depending on waitlist, symbols are sent within 4-5 days of your payment and short consultation .
Please email a recent photograph to once you have confirmed your order.


4-6 weeks.  Enquire within

Interested in a personalised energetic piece of art, created and specifically attuned to you?


I have clients the world over who hold uniquely curated art used for spiritual growth, healing, balancing room or house energies, relationship support, relationship cultivation and much more.

Commissioning an energetic art piece is an experience. It is an individual journey of insight and healing, where i bridge my capacities as an Energetic Therapist and intuitive, to deeply connect with you and offer healing integration and refinement of your immediate and ongoing experience of life.

Your art piece is then created with colour, frequencies, vibrations and energetics to support all the themes and intentions we discover in our collaboration.

In specific meditations i also channel and produce a highly unique waveform or ‘energetic map’ as a device for you to access the energetic field for your ongoing expansion and support. These ‘maps’ are extraordinarily inventive and align to your specific energetic signature (they are completely different for every client).

Once clients have possession of their art, i open and hold a ceremonial space, where together we fully activate the piece and you are taught how to use your unique navigational waveform.


Commissions include

•  4 online video calls as intuitive mentor and teaching spaces for healing facilitation
• A framed, large (28x40”), museum quality, energetic art piece
• Certificate of Authenticity with artist seal & signature

• Waveform or energetic 'map' with usage guidance

• Smaller files for digital usage including Phone and Desktop device wallpapers
• Integration and instructional document explaining symbols and unique art piece

• Minimum 8 channeled symbols (codes)
• Symbols provided as printed ‘oracle cards’ for ongoing usage & contemplation

Curious about commissions and want to know more? Ask me a question here.

Screen Shot 2021-10-24 at 8.52.14 pm.png

Jason McDonald is an artist gifted with the ability to channel abstract meditative symbolism evoking the synergistic exchange between an individual’s unique soul expression and the way their spirit contributes to our worlds realization.


This profound symbolism is both powerfully cathartic and can meditatively help catalyze new transformative frontiers.

Jason is also a gifted spiritual guide and healer.
I recommend his intuitive gifts and spiritual insights profoundly.

Brian Baruch
Spiritual Teacher, Healer and Lyricist

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