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Energetic Symbols


Meditative Symbols

Inspired by the synthesis of a 20+ year career as a Graphic Designer/Creative Director and more recently as an Energetic Therapist and Intuitive, I also create original, meditative and energetic symbols (sigils) to assist people with Integration, Energetic Attunements and alignment to their greatest self.

Drawn from higher dimensional fields of awareness, these evocative forms capture sophisticated and intelligent energies of the field and present them in an abstract but tangible manner. By tuning into a particular person, theme or simply acting as a conduit to source, they act as keys or frequencies that work through the wisdom of your heart, unlocking and awakening you to the reality of who you truly are.


Unique healing symbol, channeled specifically for the individual.


People come to me to receive their own, uniquely channeled symbol for use in meditation, healing, integration, alchemisation, remembrance and alignment to their higher souls.

• Short consultation
• Symbol created within Prism
• Symbol as Phone wallpaper

• High resolution file of your symbol

A recent photo is required. 

All prisms come with a meditation audio file, guiding deeper connection to your symbol and ways you can program it to support you in specific intentions.

Depending on waitlist, symbols are sent within a week of your payment and short consultation .
Please email a recent photograph to once you have confirmed your order.

Pricing & Options
Acrylic Prisms or Metallic Foil Art print  (with Digital Files)

$350USD for 1 symbol in Acrylic Altar Prism or Foil Print (inc. shipping)
$550USD for set of 3 symbols in Acyrlic Altar Prisms or Foil Prints (inc. shipping)

Digital Files only

$250USD for 1 symbol sent as digital files
(phone wallpaper and larger resolution files for your own printing)


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I offer gifted meditative and activational symbols for the collective. You can view some of them here, follow my social links for regular updates or add your email to the community list to receive straight to your inbox.

"Jason McDonald is an artist gifted with the ability to channel abstract meditative symbolism evoking the synergistic exchange between an individual’s unique soul expression and the way their spirit contributes to our worlds realization.


This profound symbolism is both powerfully cathartic and can meditatively help catalyze new transformative frontiers.

Jason is also a gifted spiritual guide and healer.
I recommend his intuitive gifts and spiritual insights profoundly."

Brian Baruch
Spiritual Teacher, Healer and Lyricist

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