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Integral Energetics


A true holistic approach to the body, mind, heart & spirit

Integral Energetics is a holistic well-being approach that offers new ways of perceiving and transforming your health, thoughts, emotions, and the experience of life itself. What sets this work apart from many other Health offerings is, together, we focus on how you find agency and responsibility in your own inner healing, personal growth and transformation.

What is Integral Energetics?

Integral Energetics allows the body to connect with its inherent wisdom to reorganise and heal itself. It embraces a scope beyond current healthcare and assists in creating internal coherence.


Integral Energetics delivers early benefits ranging from easing of symptoms, tension release, the capacity to experience a broader range of emotions, along with longer term, sustainable improvements in all aspects of your life.

Grounded in modern neurobiology and neuroscience,

Integral Energetics creates Integration.


Integration looks at the development of healthy habits, healthy ways of being and healthy psychology.

Integration also helps navigate and understand the habitual responses we have to life (things that set us off, and how we cope), and helps transform these habitual patterns and ways of seeing the world.


Integral Energetics facilitates coherence by using the information and energy within the human energetic field to produce affects in the physiology. This  encourages the body's re-organisational qualities, promoting greater capacity for wholeness.

This is not a fix-it type of modality. This is an approach to help learn new strategies within your body and yourself over time, in order to produce a fuller expression of consciousness.

What is it


→   Greater adaptability to stress

→   Cope better with daily problems

→   Navigate challenging situations

→   Less anxious, irritable & depressed

→   More harmony in relationship to others

→   Compassion & empathy towards others

→   Confidence when dealing with adversity​

→   Connect to the wisdom of your body

→   Safely investigate trauma(s)

→   Permanent, lasting positive traits

→  ​ Increased self awareness

→ ​  Positive feelings about self

→ ​  Sense of calm & inner harmony

→ ​  Greater creativity & insight

→  ​ Feel more energised, inspired and alive

→ ​  Contentment & gratitude

→  ​ Find greater meaning in life

→  ​ Deeper states of consciousness


What is Happening

Energy work is abstract and difficult to quantify. In a mechanistic world, its intangibility can be hard for people to initially reconcile with. Yet Integral Energetics is entirely demonstrable.  

With this work, unique energy waves develop in the body that help reorganise one's psychical integrity and adaptability. Over time these waves also advance wellness, inner awareness, connection to oneself and others, and dramatically improve quality of life.


The initial wave brings presence and breath, releasing tension stored and held in the body. People will feel a sense of ease, peace, relaxation and the inner experience of safety.

The next wave to come online is an indication that the body, mind, heart and spirit are connecting and entraining to one another. These waves move "stuck" energy through the body and provide significant opportunity for powerful releases. 

​Essentially the system is moving beyond the limiting habits of “defense” and "protection" towards growth, with the physiology and consciousness developing new capabilities.


This includes engaging the higher part of the brain - the frontal lobes of the cerebral cortex - the area through which we observe ourselves and make choices regarding our behaviour. We then develop our ability to self-reference and respond to experiences, challenges, and needs in a new and more productive way. 


These then become lifetime strategies for self-awareness and healing, helping us to reach a higher level of humanity, one which embraces spirituality and evolution.


Toward a new wave, a new wave of life.

What is happening

What to expect

An Integral Energetics session is informal and enjoyable. It is non-intrusive and done fully-clothed, although it is helpful if you remove your shoes and belt.

The session usually lasts around 20-40 minutes of lying face down on a table. You are free to move around and make yourself comfortable, as needed.

You will experience a series of specific, light touches and gentle body movements as the practitioner engages with your system. 


Mostly people experience a sense of peace and calm during a session.

You do not have to do anything consciously. Simply lie comfortably on the table and allow the process to happen naturally.


It is recommended that you do your best to stay awake and aware of your experience. It is common for the body to begin moving in certain ways, which may feel unfamiliar or even strange to begin with. 


An Integral Energetics session allows us to become more integrated within ourselves and, afterwards, you will be encouraged to notice how you and your body feel and what you experienced. 

More often than not, a session causes feelings of overall wellbeing, increased flexibility, and a sense of "aliveness". People often leave feeling more open hearted, uplifted and connected to themselves.

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What to expect


Integration is at the heart of Integral Energetics. It recognises the relationships our brain and physical/emotional bodies have to our spirit. 

Integration is an essential component of wellness as it promotes a flexible and adaptive way of being. Without it, our experience of life will likely feel muddled, chaotic and rigid. When integration occurs we are more connected to our experiences (e.g. linking our thoughts with feeling states) thus producing an awareness that opens us up to more intricate states - such as intuition, empathy, morality and ways of being that are filled with resilience, wellness, calmness and a deeper and more fully conscious connection to the self, others and life.

From a practical brain to body perspective, integration refers to a person’s use of all parts of the brain system (more specifically the entire interconnected brain and body neural system), rather than the stress response of fight-flight-freeze.

Integral Energetics is an experiential process.


Sessions help you become more aware of the body, producing tangible integration outcomes that include:

Flexibility – Increase in physical, emotional and mental flexibility

Adaptability – increased ability to adapt to change

Coherence – unified wholeness and improved resilience of self

Vitality – increased levels of energy for living

Stability – a greater internal sense of safety, trust and presence

Complex systems naturally tend toward harmony through a process of “self-organization”.

I assist you in restoring this natural process.


If you have any questions about how this work, please Contact me anytime

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