Using the power of consciousness to cultivate greater wellbeing in our lives


Integration is at the heart of Integral Energetics. It recognises the relationships our brain and physical/emotional bodies have to our spirit.

Integration is an essential component of wellness as it promotes a flexible and adaptive way of being. Without it, our experience of life will likely feel muddled, chaotic and rigid. When integration occurs we are more connected to our experiences (e.g. linking our thoughts with feeling states) thus producing an awareness that opens us up to more intricate states - such as intuition, empathy, morality and ways of being that are filled with resilience, wellness, calmness and a deeper and more fully conscious connection to the self, others and life.

From a practical brain to body perspective, integration refers to a person’s use of all parts of the brain system (more specifically the entire interconnected brain and body neural system), rather than the stress response of fight-flight-freeze.

Integral Energetics is an experiential process. Sessions help you become more aware of the body, producing tangible integration outcomes that include:

Flexibility  Increase in physical, emotional and mental flexibility

Adaptability – increased ability to adapt to change

Coherence – unified wholeness and improved resilience of self

Vitality – increased levels of energy for living

Stability – a greater internal sense of safety, trust and presence


Complex systems naturally tend toward harmony through a process of “self-organization”. I assist you in restoring this natural process.