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Types of Sessions

You may already know you're ready to make an appointment, but this page is here to help you make a decision on what’s best for you. I'm happy to talk with you at any time, to help, if needed.


Many of my clients come from recommendations, and i offer a 'complimentary' session to anyone who brings like-minded individuals looking to improve their health, well-being and overall quality of life, into our community.

Please note, whilst one-off sessions can have significant impact, this is a form of work that benefits from a commitment to learning new strategies within yourself and your body over time. Your response and growth will depend on your own patterns within your body and system. Typically, most people who are eager and ready for change experience results very early on.


90 Minutes - Complimentary (limited time)

Normally $150, Complimentary for the month of January and February
Let's get to know one another better! Your intial consultation creates space for us to get to know you and learn where you are in life, including what your stresses might be and what you are seeking. It is also an opportunity for you to learn how, specifically, this work may help you.


• Review of your health history

• Stress check-in

• Physical (body) check-in

Integral Energetics session


60 Minutes - $120

During your second visit we'll explore some of the emotions and insights that came up in your initial session, what this means and how we'll work together to engage with your well-being. 


• Review and share thoughts on findings from initial session

• Recommendations for going forward

Integral Energetics session


20-45 Minutes - $50

Quick check-in and an Integral Energetics session. Typically these sessions are held in a group environment, as we find the entrainment of energies helps to accelerate your care.


Integral Energetics session


60-90 Minutes - $150

I also provide one-to-one sessions that involve coaching/counselling combined with an Integral Energetics session. This is an opportunity for people to make deeper sense of the experiences and integration they are noticing as they progress through care. 


• 45-60 minute coaching  

Integral Energetics session


Sessions 20-40 Minutes.  $500 (usually $660)

Wellness package of 12 Sessions. Purchasing 12 session upfront encourages you to make a commitment to your wellbeing and progress. Commitment to this work and creating regularity with several sessions a week accelerates your growth.

This package includes:

• 12 Integral Energetics session

• 1 hour coaching/counselling session half way through

• access to guided meditations


Sessions 20-40 Minutes.  $1,500 (usually $2,600)

This is a commitment of 3 months to a deeper engagement with the work. You receive two Integral Energetics sessions every week and a coaching/counselling session, every fortnight. We offer this plan as consistent and regular sessions dramatically allow your body to unpack and digest the stored patterns that tend to dominate our everyday lives. This commitment provides an opportunity to break those patterns in a more efficient and effective way.

This package includes:

• x2 Integral Energetics sessions a week

• x1 coaching/counselling session every fortnight

• personalised guided meditations (created just for you)

• detailed report and synthesis of progression at end of the plan


60-90 Minutes.  $130 US Dollars

Remote coaching sessions (video-call) help you to explore areas or energies in your life with more awareness. Using intuition and insight i'll work with you to explore patterns, beliefs and behaviours that may not be serving you and specific themes, energies or areas in the body that relate to your unique situation. It's deeply from the heart, held in a safe and supported space and you'll probably be quite surprised at how much connection we can share in this format.

As a lot of the people i work 'remote' with are located all over the world, pricing for this type of session is in U.S Dollars.

Curious about these sessions and want to know more? Ask me a question here.


Integral Energetics sessions require that you lie face down on a table, fully clothed except the removal of your belt and shoes.

Engagement with your body is very subtle, with light contacts being made at specific places in order to cue a response from your body. There is little talk, but occasionally you may be asked to bring your awareness to a specific part of the body.

Please be aware that sessions usually happen in a room with other people. We find that this accelerates your progress. In the room you may hear and sense others. Remain present with your own process, noticing changes to your breathing, movement and awareness. 

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